Great Reviews for Pappa Charlies


HOUBBQ participant Wes Jurena is on a roll. After opening his brick-and-mortar barbecue joint Pappa Charlies in a small shopping center just east of downtown, praise and plaudits have been coming fast and furious.

Jurena started out on the competition circuit and then transitioned to a barbecue trailer a few years ago. Such an itinerant lifestyle is hard on any budding restaurateur, and after after some fits and starts he finally found a permanent home in EaDo. After fitting out the restaurant, it was time to start making barbecue in a high-production environment for an ever-more-demanding army of Houston barbecue fanatics. How would the newest addition to the white-hot Houston barbecue scene fare among the cognoscenti?

Well the votes are in and Jurena is 2-fer-2 in the professional restaurant review category. Both Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle and Phaedra Cook of the Houston Press served up rave reviews.

Cook of the Chronicle especially loved the smoked meat loaf – a much underrated but seemingly obvious dish to cook and flavor through smoke. We at HOUBBQ love it too.

Wes, son Jared, and right-hand man Jim Buchanan are still riding the roller coaster of a hot new Texas barbecue joint, and are doing a mighty fine job of it.

We can’t wait to see what the Pappa Charlies team brings to this year’s festival!

Pappa Charlies
2012 Rusk Street
Houston, Texas 77003