Menu announced for Smoke on the Bayou dinner


The inaugural Smoke on the Bayou dinner series pairing the Houston area’s best chefs and pitmasters will take place Sunday May 20th at Hubbell & Hudson Bistro in The Woodlands.

The dinner is sold out.

Today, Executive Chef Austin Simmons and Sommelier Derek Ryan of Hubbell & Hudson Bistro, and Pitmaster Will Buckman of CorkScrew BBQ debuted the 7-course menu. It’s a tour-de-force of creative smoking techniques combined with modern culinary techniques that is unlike any other barbecue-inspired dinner seen in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter.

The line between fine dining and the casual barbecue restaurant continues to blur with recognition of the highly-skilled smoking and cooking techniques required to make world-class barbecue. In recent years, fine dining chefs have taken an interest in incorporating these smoking techniques into their own menus, while pitmasters have begun experimenting with traditional cooking techniques to expand their barbecue offerings.

As one of the most celebrated and diverse culinary scenes in the U.S., Houston and surrounding areas offer the perfect opportunity to combine the traditions of haute cuisine with the techniques of Texas barbecue.

The menu with pairings is listed below. Ryan has created both beer *and* wine pairings – that’s right, each course will have both a glass of beer and a glass of wine for tasting and pairing purposes.

Many thanks to both Austin Simmons and Will Buckman for their outstanding efforts to expand the traditional definition of barbecue in both Houston and Texas.



About Hubbell & Hudson Bistro: Our Bistro was born out of a desire to bring a world-class culinary destination to The Woodlands. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Austin Simmons, our frequently changing seasonal menu is filled with creative dishes developed from the best ingredients we can find throughout the world. More info:

About CorkScrew BBQ: Owned and Operated by Will and Nichole Buckman, CorkScrew BBQ opened in 2011 in a small trailer off Rayford Road and quickly gained a loyal following and critical praise as some of the best barbecue in the Houston area. In late 2015 they opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant at 26608 Keith St. in Old Town Spring. More info:

About the Houston Barbecue Festival: Since launching in 2013, the Houston Barbecue Festival has become the premier showcase for Houston’s best barbecue.