Top 5 Reasons Super Beef Sunday is your best bet for the big game



**This is event has been completed. Tickets are no longer on sale.**

This Sunday, 5 February 2017, from 11am-2pm marks the 4th Annual Super Beef Sunday at Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Louie Mueller Barbecuee, Pinkerton’s Barbecue, and Harlem Road Texas BBQ will be serving their best smoked goods at the best big game barbecue event.


Louie Mueller Barbecue:
Classic Central Texas-style beef plate short rib
Hatch green chile and beef rib sausage (exclusive to Super Beef)

Pinkerton’s Barbecue:
Bacon-wrapped, smoked duck breast
Creekstone prime black angus brisket

Harlem Road Texas BBQ:
Beef ribs on creamy polenta
BBQ beans with beef burnt ends

Ticket sales are LIMITED. No sales at the door. Previous years have sold out.

This year, of course, the Big Game is being hosted in our fair city. Unlike previous years when Super Beef was the only barbecue game in town, we’ve notice there are, well, a few other events happening this year. With that in mind, here are a few reminders why SUPER BEEF is the best big game barbecue event for Houstonians.

1. Beef ribs. LOUIE MUELLER BEEF RIBS. Texas barbecue is a religion and its cathedral is Louie Mueller Barbecue. And that which is worshiped is the BEEF RIB. It is considered by many self-proclaimed barbecue experts to be the canonical dish of Texas barbecue, and therefore the world. And before the big game, the only event where you can taste Louie Mueller beef ribs is Super Beef Sunday.

2. Be the life of the party. BRING MEAT. So you have been tasked with bringing food to a big game party? How about evangelizing about Texas barbecue by bringing a Louie Mueller beef rib with you? Burnish your alpha-male creds by bringing a three-bone, 4-6 pound beef rib package to the party. And nothing says proper Texas lady like the gift of barbecue. You can only purchase Louie Mueller beef ribs and brisket, as well as Harlem Road Texas BBQ pork ribs, at Super Beef Sunday.

3. SHHHH. No Crowds. There are lots of free events celebrating the big game, some only a few blocks away. But do you really want to hang out with a hundred thousand other people trying to find something – anything – to eat, not to mention shelling out big bucks for one beer? Avoid the fuster clucks and head to Super Beef Sunday. You’ll be hanging out with only a few hundred of your best barbecue lovin’ friends with plenty of room to spread out. Barbecue and beer included.

4. You don’t have to take out a SECOND MORTGAGE to attend. At the other end of the entry fee spectrum, tickets for the big game are going for $5000-$8000. Some parties – just the parties – are going for almost as much. At Super Beef Sunday, $50 (same as last year) gets you beer from Saint Arnold and all-you-can-eat barbecue. All inclusive, all-good.

5. FREE PARKING. And lots of it. About the parking downtown at those free events? Well, parking makes them not-so-free. And that’s even if you can find a space. Our friends at Saint Arnold Brewing Co. have made sure there’s plenty of free parking adjacent to the event. Also, lots of free street parking around the venue. Problem solved.

Did we mention beef ribs?

Pictures from last year’s Super Beef Sunday:

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