July 5, 2016

HOUBBQ 2016 Media Coverage

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One of the main goals of the festival is to ensure that word gets out about how great Houston barbecue is and how dedicated and hardworking Houston pitmasters are. This year's media coverage was more extensive than ever. Here's a comprehensive look at this year's coverage.

Thousands Enjoyed Smoked Meat From the Tame to the Exotic at the 4th Annual Houston Barbecue Festival
"Some crews arrive at the Green Lot of NRG Park the night before to stoke the pits, enjoying some quiet moments of camaraderie the night before. Even those who don’t, often go without a night of sleep to prepare the smoky meats attendees crave." - Houston Press

Nighttime Barbecuing and Daytime Fun At The 4th Annual Houston Barbecue Festival
"It's hard work to prepare smoked meats for a couple of thousand hungry Houston barbecue fanatics. See the work and camaraderie that happens the night before..." - Houston Press

Scenes from the 2016 Houston Barbecue Festival
"There was brisket, sausage, beef ribs, pork, even alligator. Whatever meat could be smoked, it was probably consumed at the fourth annual Houston Barbecue Festival held at NRG Park on Sunday." - Houston Chronicle

Houston BBQ Festival 2016
"This week we made it 4 for 4 at the Houston BBQ Festival. The folks in Houston seem to have organized the smoothest running event we have been to yet. Even Texas Monthly could learn some tricks here." - Don O.'s Texas BBQ Blog

Aggies participate in Houston BBQ Festival, 2016 version
"Thanks again to Chris Reid and Michael Fulmer, the event founders, for inviting us each year and allowing us to interact with barbecue specialists and enthusiasts from around the Houston area. Your passion for shedding the spotlight on these great barbecue endeavors is making a difference throughout the southeast Texas area." - Texas Barbecue at Texas A&M University

Craig visits the Houston Barbecue Festival
"Craig Hlavaty hit up the fourth annual Houston Barbecue Festival and hung out with some of the area's coolest pitmasters. All that meat was well worth the meat sweats and food coma that came after." - CW39 Newsfix

It's all about the meats at Houston's 4th Annual Barbecue Festival
"For one flat fee you could try everything from smoked alligator, beef brisket, pulled pork, and of course succulent ribs.  And what is a good piece of barbecue without something cold to wash it down?" - CW39 Newsfix

Houston Barbecue Festival 2016
"The original Houston BBQ festival launched on a cold and windy day in March of 2013 with fifteen local barbecue joints representing Houston area barbecue. It was at the genesis of the #riseofhoubbq and since then the annual event has taken off, matching the growth of quality barbecue in Houston." - Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt

Hou BBQ Festival 2016
"The Houston BBQ Festival is a great event to attend. It is well organized/planned, roomy, and has a ton of good eats." - The Smoking Ho

A Day Off
"The organizers of Houston Barbecue Festival did a masterful job with the details of the event. So much goes into making an event like Houston Barbecue Festival run smoothly. There were many volunteers that helped make the event a success too. We want to congratulate and thank them all for doing what they do. We felt blessed to be along for the ride." - Tejas Chocolate Craftory

At the 2016 Houston Barbecue Festival with the Feges BBQ family
"It wasn't just all the excellent BBQ that was celebrated last weekend, but something much more worthy.   Long lasting friendships and relationship were the star of the festival.  That's what makes The Houston Barbeque Festival so special.   Keep up the great work guys and until next year here are some pictures to tide you over." - The Barry Farm Blog

Houston BBQ Festival 2016
"The only thing hotter than the sun was the fire coming off over 25 different pits. Festival goers showed up in huge numbers and came ready to fill their bellies with some darn good Q." - The Drunken Diva

Here's how to survive the 2016 Houston Barbecue Festival
"As an annual visitor, this author suggests packing a roll of antacids and taking as many water and beer breaks as possible. Also, those little floss sticks are a must. You don't want to take a selfie with a pound of meat in your teeth." - Craig Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle

Pitmaster has wild plans for barbecue festival
"Alligator will just be one of delicacies coming off the smokers at the Houston Barbecue Festival, which will welcome a record 26 barbecue joints." - Houston Chronicle

4th Annual Houston Barbecue Festival
"The Houston Barbecue Festival recently announced the 26 barbecue restaurants participating in this year's festival. The lineup represents both the best barbecue that Houston has to offer, as well as the diversity of barbecue styles that is unique to this city known for a mélange of international cuisines and traditions.." - ABC 13 Eyewitness News

What to Expect at This Year's Houston BBQ Festival
"Over the last few years, Houston barbecue has evolved into somewhat of a hybrid that integrates Texas-style barbecue and the diverse styles of the cuisine found in the city..." - Visit Houston

Craig Visits Pappa Charlie's Barbeque
"In anticipation of the upcoming fourth annual Houston Barbecue Festival, Craig Hlavaty visited Pappa Charlie's Barbeque just east of downtown. Pitmaster and owner Wes Jurena talks about his humble BBQ beginnings and we learn a bit about the art of smoked meats." - CW39 Newsfix

Killen's joins Houston Barbecue Fest lineup
"Can you eat 26 portions of barbecue? That's the challenge for ticketholders to the fourth annual Houston Barbecue Festivalwhich will be ... at NRG Park." - Houston Chronicle

Houston Barbecue Festival moves to May
"The event which celebrates the diversity and history of local barbecue will offer samples of meats smoked by nearly two dozen pitmasters." - Houston Chronicle

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